Karen Dupre Wall Art

Karen Dupre is a self-taught artist who was born in California. Her art prints include wildlife, animals, figures, still lifes, posters and landscapes. Karen started with pastels at the age of 9 and presently she usually uses acrylic paints. Her artwork is a beautiful reflection of her artistic expertise, and her versatility is evident in the tranquil harmony of her pieces of artwork. The popularity of her artwork continues to grow. Her creativity in terms of subject matter can be seen in her art which ranges from entertainment scenes and bold images of exotic animals to serene table settings and calm landscapes. Throughout her art, viewers can find a certain sense of harmony and tranquility which is partly a result of her illustration of the play of light in both manmade and natural objects and also as a result of her gentle brushstrokes.

Her first inspiration came from her interest in horses. This love of horses quickly led her to translate the grandeur of these animals and other wildlife through drawing. Today, her artistic inspiration comes from a variety of sources, primarily several 19th century artists such as Auguste Renoir, Frederic Remington, Claude Monet, and Gustav Klimt. Karen is particularly drawn to this period in art history when artists were shaping their own schools of artistic thought and challenging the established ideals. Her work is adept to capture a fleeting moment in time. Similarly in her own posters, prints and art, she strives to expand her style both in composition and color. Karen does not limiting herself to conventional artistic standards.

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