Ralph Burch Wall Art

Ralph Burch (Born in 1945) was born in Columbus, Ohio. He’s an artist whose creativity knows no boundaries. He grew up and went to high school in Dayton, Ohio where he discovered his ability to create posters, art and prints. After his graduation, he went on to Central Academy of Commercial Art and Cincinnati Academy of Fine Art where he pursued his passion and interest of making posters, art and prints. His imagination and enthusiasm for creating is reflected in every aspect of his posters, art and prints. For the last 3 decades, Burch has worked from his Southern California studio, where he offers consulting for art promotions, marketing and direction. He has been associated with many apparel and graphic programs where his direction and art have generated hundreds of millions of dollars at retail.

The artist develops images for home decor, apparel, textiles, television shows and Movies, and manufactured products. His licensed art and designs can be found all over the world. He has become one of the most highly collected and most published artists of Pin-up Girls. Burch’s pin ups are a mixed media of acrylics, pastels, pencils, air brush and other mediums depending on the image. The Pin-ups involve gambling, hot rod, motorcycle, cocktail, martini, and various other vignettes. His works are found in many homes, institutions and in several of private and corporate collections all over California and beyond. He has participated in many art exhibitions and is a member of many professional art groups and associations.

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