Spencer Wilson Wall Art

Spencer Wilson is a printmaker and illustrator based in London. At that young age, exploring the world in his backyard was a daily adventure. He knew that he would be an artist. He’s the co-founder of Peepshow Collective Ltd., an animation and design company. Since 1998, Wilson has been working to commission in a world of ordered chaos, coffee cups and neat piles of mess. The works of Wilson follow this theme with the creation of twisted thoughts and sketchy ideas, carried through into clean balanced, vectored images placed in inconstant flat color compositions with the introduction of texture that come occasionally. His graphic illustrations make the ideal art print for cycling enthusiasts and design buffs alike. He’s a father to 2 beautiful girls who never cease to inspire him.

Some of his work can be seen adorning the advertising billboards in across Europe (especially in London), popping up on the web, animated on TV screens, adding a dash of humor to the daily / weekend newspaper supplements, monthly glossies and very infrequently hanging in neat white spaces in frames. He’s an internationally acclaimed artist who fell in love with art at a tender age. He has never lost the stratagem of daily discovery and exploration. Wilson was so much interested in animation and has been on a journey with his art for as long as he can remember. He continues to participate in many important art competitions, and has been invited to participate in numerous prominent gallery art shows.

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