Rachel Perry Wall Art

Rachel Perry (born 1962) is a Tokyo born artist who works in various media including video, sculpture, and performance. She aims at shedding light on the minute details of everyday life, and explores themes of privacy, identity and information, as she highlights the tension between her own personal sense of self and social commitments and networks. She holds a Diploma and Fifth Year Certificate from Museum of Fine Arts Boston and also a BA from Connecticut College. Her more individualistic style is considered her best. Her artworks are profound in tonalities, simple in outline, and well-balanced in composition. Rachel always varies her subject matter she believes this variety keeps her posters, prints, and art fresh thus adding to their collectability. Her work is a combination of her reflection on human processes of sorting, consuming, and sifting through information with her keen sense of humor. She is meticulous in collecting and organizing to provoke thought.

All of Rachel’s projects incorporate the detritus of domestic life, such as Styrofoam cartons, bread tags, phone message slips, and receipts. She creates scenarios and environments that reflect 21st century life. Her four-page pictorial essay was published by Vogue magazine in December 2011. She enjoys exploring her creativity and learning new techniques. Her work is held in numerous private collections and museums. They have been reviewed and published in many national, as well as online, publications among them The New York Times, Huffington Post, The New Yorker, Art in America, The Chicago Tribune, Art on Paper, Sculpture Magazine, and Harvard Business Review.

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