Emily Burrowes Wall Art

Emily Burrowes is a professional full time artist. Her specialty has been portraiture with an emphasis on pet portraits. For the past 10 years, the main body of her work is dog portraits but she has also been commissioned to produce portraits of rabbits, horses and cats. Emily believes her bespoke pet portraits reflect and celebrate the special bond that exists between animals and humans. She also believes it can provide people with a wonderful lasting memory that goes further than a photograph. Emily loves capturing pets’ unique personality as a print on paper or canvas or in acrylic paint on canvas. She works from one of her client’s photographs and produces a design for the client to view before she begins the final portrait. This allows the client to see exactly what the final portrait will look like, and feel safe in the knowledge that the portrait will look exactly like their pet.

All her portraits are bespoke so if a client would like to discuss their individual requirements, they can get in touch with her. Her commissioned pet portraits are posted all around the world. She has clients in USA, Finland, Switzerland, Korea, South Africa, Australia, to name but a few. She also has a shop on Etsy where she also sells limited edition prints on paper and canvas of different dog breeds. So distance isn’t a barrier when commissioning her pet portrait. She studied art at Roehampton Institute in London, in a small art department and realized printmaking was for her. Emily’s painting style developed from her love of screen-printing.

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