John Sliney Wall Art

John Sliney is an American artist who was born in New England. He's a self-taught and a famous artist who produces New England style of folk art paintings and primitive designs. Through his creative works presented with some personal touch of brush strokes and often laced with words, Sliney has built a reputation for himself nationally. His artistic style it implemented in a manner that displays the sophisticated charm of New England as reflected back in the days. Sliney also captures elements of Americana in his pieces. He isn't taking anything for granted; he believes that his artistic talent is specially given to him by God to warm the hearts of his audience and to pass specific messages to them. Although he creates his own art for sale, he also works with other companies that commission him to produce pieces of art.

Sliney contributes designs regularly to several decorative art magazines. Moreover, he also authors an array of decorative painting books. The kind of artistic works he's done have opened more doors for him and have seen the pieces exhibited in both private and public collections. Sliney’s works are also sold to customers through different channels such as physical and online galleries. He uses oil paint as his primary medium and often uses earthly colors to add some folksy touch to his creative works.

"Folk art should be enjoyed with the eye and embraced with the heart…it is the comfort food of the art world, it should always be special and make you feel good."

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