Dotty Chase Wall Art

Dotty Chase was inspired and encouraged by her family. She was born and raised in New England with its rolling hills, abundant farmland, beaches and mountains. Growing up, she was surrounded by many supportive people including her teachers. Her mother had saved a collection of artwork she had sketched as a teenager and she would pour through them from over and over again. They included anything from fashion sketches of Minnie and Mickey Mouse to drawings of women in the 1940s. Early in her career she attended an art museum taking silversmith courses. She likes to experiment with different techniques and styles of painting. She created sterling silver jewelry to sell at craft shows. Dotty does love texture in her art, applying string, paste, or anything that can add feeling and interest to her work.

She prefers to paint on canvas or paper and favors warm earthy colors. She has attended art classes off and on for many years and eventually decided to paint full time. Her love of sheep, cats and country scenes show in her art. The artist gets her inspiration form her surroundings. She incorporates the many New England houses and barns in her art. Living in New England with its changing climate and landscape she’s never short on ideas. Dotty paints what she feels, not necessarily what she sees. Dotty’s subjects include the American landscape, cats and flowers. He art is in many galleries, museums and prestigious buildings around the world. They are produced in a variety of finishing options.

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