Roberto Lombardi Wall Art

Roberto Lombardi was born in Italy. He’s an internationally recognized landscape painter. He studied painting at an early age and was influenced by his father who was also a landscape painter. He derives his inspiration from the beauty of landscapes and the inherent light and color in our natural environment. He continued his education traveling throughout Europe, studying and painting at several institutions and received a graduate degree in Paris. He still travels extensively and shows his work in exhibitions across the United States and Europe. The artist notes that he prefers to work on site, sketching balcony scenes and his garden settings in charcoal before meticulously recreating the final painting in effervescent oils in his countryside studio. He began painting as a hobby assisting his father.

With time he discovered that he was also talented in art and was really thrilled, and he has continued to develop her style throughout his life. He has been much encouraged by the feedback he gets from those who view his art. Lombardi’s work has been greatly influenced by the places he has visited and the people he has interacted with. He prefers to paint subjects that are easy to recognize. Lately he’s been painting playful landscapes in finely-tuned colors that he designs to help his viewers feel to be part of an environment and to feel completely immersed in it. He continues to establish a growing reputation nationally, regionally and internationally. His art is in private and corporate collections worldwide.

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