Vladimir Wall Art

Vladimir was born in a one-story wooden house in Russia near the Moscow forest-park. Wall entered the Moscow Higher Art and Craft School at age of seventeen, but a year later he was enlisted in the military. After 6 months of military training the unit commander thought it more appropriate to employ him exclusively for painting propagandistic posters which he considered a peaceful purpose. After military service and graduating from the Institute of Fine Arts, the artist painted portraits to support his family during the hard times in Russia. He painted on Arbat Street. In the year 1987, he began to take part in exhibitions that were organized by the Union of Artists. In 1990, at a show in Coburg, Germany, nearly all his paintings that were on display were sold.

After the close of the exhibition, Wall decided to fly to Los Angeles where twenty of his pieces of art were exhibited. While in Los Angeles, he worked in a rented home garage. It was small so he was unable to find a place to display his paintings. The artist made money by painting portraits and eventually he had enough money to travel to Hawaii. In 1993, the originality of his art was noticed by a dealer from France and organized an exhibition in Hong Kong for him. The success of this exhibition surpassed all his expectations. Later on, he had several other exhibitions which were equally successful. This helped to promote his work and enabled him to attract a good number of prominent clients.

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