Peter Bell Art Prints

"His reflections are fantastic. His brush is alive, specifically the strength of the light with which he gives life to each painting. The combination of brush and palette strokes are unique and are barely visible. His canvasses are full of strength and emotion." These are the words of a European art critic describing the works of Peter Bell. Born in 1969 in Washington, DC, Peter Bell began drawing and painting in grammar school. After US Navy service, he attended the Brooklyn Museum Art School and the National Art School in Washington DC. His career began as a professional backdrop and poster painter for a department store chain. He also illustrated booklets and brochures for them. Finally after working many years as a commercial artist in Washington and as a free lance artist in southern Georgia, he built himself a comfortable studio in Florida and settled down to a life of painting and teaching. He is represented in many private collections and his showings of paintings of scenes from his numerous trips abroad have brought him several awards and ribbons.

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