Symposium Design Wall Art

Symposium Design was founded by Joanne, a designer, photographer and painter. Joanne trained at Manchester Metropolitan University as a textile Designer, and she then went on to design for the home furnishing Industry. She has a wealth of commercial knowledge, and set up the company called Symposium Design with her partner Yates Sidney in 2011. Yates is also an Artist and designer trained both at Edinburgh and Manchester universities. Joanne’s love of creating perfect images came to the vanguard, when she was appointed creative director of a Wallpaper and Wall Art company in 2007. The artist is interested in pictures that evoke feelings of nostalgia and fond memories. She’s open to learning new techniques and styles and is keen about “pulling” ideas from as many sources as possible. They use architecture, beautiful places, and objects, and distill them into “cohesive mechanisms” for their art, while working for their clients which include many national and international companies.

The duo produces high quality artwork that’s easily recognizable among the works of other artists. Since its inception, the company has allowed the artists to focus on large scale artwork based on the demand of their clients. They use different techniques and styles to come up with a variety of products that are able to serve the varying needs of their clients. This has made their art to find their way into some of the leading galleries, museums and institutions around the world. Symposium Design works across a wide spectrum of design fields in many industries including the Home furnishing Industry. They design and create images and products for the United Kingdom and international Markets.

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