Jean Plout Wall Art

Jean Plout has painted all his life, painting is his passion. His work has been shown in many galleries and has found its way into many homes across the Untied States and even in China. Texture is an element he has been adding to most of his paintings, he has not sold any prints of his paintings without texture. They are truly one of a kind. Plout has painted and designed Jewelry, Artwork, Dinner Ware, and Home Decor for about 20 years. His landscape paintings take the viewer to another place or another time of peace and tranquility. Many of his paintings have been turned into greeting cards and calendars. He loves the creative license of abstract painting. Butterflies, flowers and dragonflies are his passion. Plout sometimes work with Steven R.P. to produce botanical, inspirational, landscapes and abstract paintings.

He mostly works in Acrylics, but also has a mix of Digital Art and Mixed Media. He paints from his heart and with a lot of soul. He’s a self taught artist who has painted freelance for many years. He has painted commercially for more than 20 years. He paints with vibrant energy that knows no boundaries. His art is highly priced by many discriminating collectors around the world. They offer great inspiration to artist who are looking to produce quality artwork, or to anybody looking for a great lifestyle, and those interested in making their paintings to be used in different products. His art are much sought after by many purchasers who are interested in giving their rooms a fresh look.

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