David Bowman Wall Art

David Bowman was born and raised in California, but having lived in the Grand Canyon since 2000, he now considers himself a full-blooded Arizonan. David has a quant studio/gallery on Main Street of the small town where he is able have a quiet place to draw and entertain foot traffic. Bowman has been doing art as long as he can remember. Some of his earliest artistic memories are of Star Wars battle scenes that he passionately scribbled out of his portable chalkboard. He has always found great satisfaction in creating. He believes it’s one of those traits people inherit from God. To him, to be inspired with an idea and then turn that idea into something real and tangible is one of the most exciting things in life. Even more exciting is when that tangible thing created has the potential to inspire and uplift others.

As Bowman grew older, his favorite thing to draw became people. For him, people are the most engaging and interesting of all artistic subject matter. That became his focus through his college years when he received bachelor’s degree in Illustration. He liked drawing caricatures and that became his specialty. However, Bowman wanted to have a deeper impact with his art than just caricatures and being a Christian, he decided to try his hand at depicting the most important person in his life – Jesus Christ. Bowman wanted to portray Jesus in a way that was genuine, real, true to His character, thus his Expressions of Christ series. He uses pastels for his drawings and each of his pieces has a simple, one word title.

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