David Galchutt Wall Art

Artist David Galchutt is a native of southern Californian. He’s has been working as an illustrator for more than 3 decades. In his early years, he did some advertising illustration, but the primary focus of his illustrating career has always been in the children's industry, publishing and. working for toy companies. Galchutt’s love of painting and designing came at an early age. He grew up in an artistic environment, and he can cite the moment when he decided to become an artist. His mother studied costume design and his father worked as a graphic designer. These disciplines influenced him greatly, he loves integrating costume into his illustrations and he has a strong sense of design. In 2010, he was awarded that year’s award for best children's magazine illustration of the year. His style can be described as colorful, stylized, whimsical and quirky.

He loves good, strong design. He worked in watercolor for 20 years before he switched to oils. Galchutt never really enjoyed watercolor very much but he liked it for children's illustration. A few years ago he started experimenting with oils and he loves them, more so the wide range of color. Galchutt never got proper instruction in art school regarding the use of oils because the medium was not considered as "commercial" due to their long drying time. So he’s had an interesting journey to discover just what he can and cannot do with oil paint. Galchutt does many thumbnail sketches and once he finds a composition or concept he likes, he works on it until he gets the final product.

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