Jin Lau Wall Art

Jin Lau is a Freelance Illustrator and Animator from Sydney, Australia. He never thought too hard on what his work is about and found everything just falling in place naturally. However, themes of cultural intertextuality and the inquisition about the grand narrative can be detected if one looks hard enough and squint. He has illustrated a few pieces here and there, and animated an ad or two, and he makes zines too. Lau has worked on great projects with Optus, Ministry of Sound, Incu, Pilot Pen, Toby & Pete, The Wiggles, Esurance and Murdoch University. His client base is still expanding as many people get to know about his works through referrals. Being an animator and illustrator, he finds it easy to work on a variety of projects some of which other artists can shy away from.

His art stands out from the crowd because he’s quite liberal when it comes to the choice of style or technique of producing art. He doesn’t want to restrict himself to a particular style or technique but allows creativity to take control of whatever he does. His art is in many galleries, institutions, private homes and museums around the world. Lau is usually inspired by the environment where he lives and works and also by the feedback that he gets from art critics and clients. He’s open to learning though, and can always be found associating with fellow artist from whom he can learn something to help improve his own art. He’s also a regular visitor of museums and art shows.

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