Allan Stephenson Wall Art

Allan Stephenson has always found inspiration for his art from his travels. He’s always looking for special sense of places that infuse some areas of the natural world with beauty, wonder and meaning. As an independent artist specializing in painting landscapes. He has been very much influenced by the places he has visited and the people he has met during his travels. He attempts to extract what appealed to him about the scene in the first place so that his viewers may also feel the same experience. Stephenson thinks that landscapes sometimes have mystical quality. He believes that quality is a metaphor for something else, but he doesn’t know how to say what that is exactly in words and so the artist attempts to communicate this feeling in his paintings.

He hopes that his work can provide some acknowledgment of this wonder and provide a break-out from the sometime frenetic world we all live in. Stephenson usually takes a traditional approach to rendering what it is he sees. He applies himself to the task of using techniques that already exist – the ones that were laid down by artists of the past. To him, self expression is of equal value as craftsmanship in what he’s creating. While he’s always striving for new ways to paint, he’s not trying to come up with new techniques or styles, and he feels it is an illusion to believe that all artists have to do so. Stephenson grew up in England and it has influenced his idea of what a landscape is.

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