Barbara Mock Wall Art

Barbara Mock is an American impressionist artist known for her colorful paintings of flowers, tranquil scenes, whimsical angels and a host of other subjects. Most people know her because of her floral paintings and gardens that have been sold and exhibited in diverse locations across the globe. She exhibits an alluring oil painting style that is characterized with a strong understanding of design, delivered in both thin and bold brushes. Her unique ability to lace different patterns and elements of subdued color end up giving romantic touch to her creative works of art, making them usable in both traditional and modern design environments. Born and raised in Guthrie Oklahoma, Barbara later traveled to different places, interacting with high profile artists who inspired her art. In every place she visited, she earned some extra knowledge and skill that enabled her to define her unique style. Barbara was also lucky to have studied with some renowned artists such as Raymon Froman, Naomi Brotherton, Richard Goetz, and JoAnn McCrary, all inspiring her and impacting positively in her art life.

Unlike several artists, Barbara didn’t get into painting after her education. Instead, she started getting involved in art related activities while still in grade school. She got married to Jim Mock immediately after her high school, but still didn’t stop pursuing her love for painting. She developed her style over time to become a reputable painter in the US. As a way to share her skills with other aspiring artists, she has been extensively involved in teaching art in different institutions. Barbara has created high quality art pieces that are currently exhibited in different galleries and collected by both private and public institutions. She has also bagged awards from her paintings.

“I look at the world a little differently than most people," she explains. "I have to study each new blossom and leaf; I really do take the time to smell the flowers. Each new painting is a challenge and a growing experience. I am so happy to be able to share my art with so many people.”

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