Carl Valente Wall Art

Carl Valente (Born 1928) was an American artist whose talent was discovered at the age of 17 when he won a National Art Contest. As a result of the win, he got a scholarship to study art at the Cleveland Art Institute. He became a staff artist at the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, serving as a designer and illustrator and working for a Sunday color magazine, and California Living and TV Weekly for a period of 22 years. The period he spent in the commercial field saw him expand his experience and versatility. Every job that he performed had its unique challenges, making it possible for him to learn several different things and allowed him to create a robust network.

At some point, Valente finally left the commercial field and settled on creating his own art using oil paint on canvas. His artwork captured a lot of beautiful original elements of nature that include landscapes, still life, and seascapes. Many of his original art pieces were sold throughout the country with a number of them being recognized and collected by both public and private collectors. Valente later became part of Bentley House through which his works have been published, distributed, and sold across the US and internationally. Some of his creative works captured old style buildings, people, and human activities. He uses his artistic prowess to deliver the most charming art pieces that have both depth and appeal. His artistic creations are very famous due to their ability to transform a room into quite a welcoming interior.

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