Winslow Homer Art Prints

Considered one of America's greatest 19th-century artists, Winslow Homer (24 February 1836 – 29 September 1910) began his career with an apprenticeship in a lithography studio. Later, as an illustrator for Harper's Weekly, he traveled to Virginia to record events from the American Civil War, where his vignettes of the frontline were immensely popular. After the war, and influenced by the Impressionists, Homer traveled through France, where he preferred to work outdoors and was clearly interested in the effect of light on his subjects. He is frequently referred to as an American Impressionist, yet his work possesses a singular style, and in contrast to his French counterparts, displays an engaging sense of narrative and a uniquely straightforward approach. A deft master of both oil and watercolor, the artist worked in both media throughout his career. Homer spent the last 25 years of his life in Prouts Neck, Maine. With advancing age, his work took on a more somber tone and focused on the relationship between nature and man.

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